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    性质活性生活视频Altra-Air fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create a capacious and comfortable space. Thus, under hot and humid weather, these large ceiling fans will fully create an evaporative cooling effect of 4 to 6℃. 

    性质活性生活视频During the heating season, the Altra-Air fans technique can remove the temperature stratification from the floor to the ceiling with a temperature difference as high as 15℃. Greatly reduces the cycle frequency of the heating system and save on much energy. Remove cold points and hot points. 

    性质活性生活视频Five bladed High Volume Low Speed Fan. Easy to operate, very low decibel level, saves energy;

    Fans range from 8' to 24' in diameter. Capable of moving nearly 400,000 CFM. Variable frequency drive provides soft start and full variable speed operations;

    A non-disruptive laminar air flow traveling above floor level provides an effective summer cooling temperature of 4-6°C below the ambient air temperature;

    Quiet, efficient operation, no annoying high speed circulation or exhaust fans;

    Large fan system can operate all year around, different from ordinary exhaust fans, air-conditioners and air cleaning system.

    性质活性生活视频Air flow in the summer can lower the general overall temperature of a building; can also eliminate condensation, mold growth, corrosions of floors and corrugated box and container caused by humid air;

    Generally improves air quality when used in conjunction with any air cleaning system by ensuring a good air mixture and diluting stale contaminated air;

    性质活性生活视频Inexpensive to operate. Cost 6 cents to operate one fan per hour at 1 Hp;

    Safe steel wire –This wire ties together the vertical drop, the motor and the gear reducer frame to the physical structure of the building;

    性质活性生活视频Safe Ring –In case of breakage of the blade installation seat, this ring will hold the blade(s) together to avoid their falling to the ground.

    性质活性生活视频Can effectively reduce the felt temperature by 4-6℃ to improve comfort in the working environment;

    The bionic fin-shaped blades are used to create high air volume and also avoid destructive air flow;

    性质活性生活视频Variable frequency drive provides soft start and full variable speed operations;

    Save energy and cheap maintenance.

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