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Dock Shelter FLS-1
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    性质活性生活视频Dock shelter can provide excellent sealing effect for the space between the vehicle and the warehouse. The dock shelter is made of tear-resistant and tough fabrics. It can not only seal completely the surrounding of the lorry or container, but can also bear high wind pressure and high snow pressure;

    性质活性生活视频It resists wind, rain, dust and blocks the outside hot air as well as stores the cold air inside the refrigerator. It also improves the working environment and helps to save energy and operations inside the warehouse;

    The dock leveler can be moved outside the building to form a loading and unloading room in combination with the shelter. So, it can effectively reduce the warehouse space occupied by the leveler. Also, the loading and unloading room is movable. Convenient for loading and unloading cargo and vehicle parking.

    性质活性生活视频The dock shelter is made of high quality chloroprene fiber rubber and polyvinyl fabrics. The chloroprene fiber rubber has better wear resistance and can bear no less than 30000 times of friction;

    The stationary dock shelter frame uses high quality galvanized steel to make a box shape. The outside frame is covered with solid semi-transparent plastic or polyester fiber material processed to resist UV;

    The frames are articulated and compressible to ensure the necessary flexibility when a vehicle is approaching;

    The dock shelter consists of a front frame, rear frame and linker arm. The whole frame is processed by hot galvanizing to resist corrosion. The surface is made of sectional aluminum alloy. The fastenings and ornaments are processed by anodizing to present an elegant appearance;

    性质活性生活视频The top of the dock shelter frame is an inclined plane convenient for draining water;

    性质活性生活视频The bottom corner protection keeps the shelter curtain slices erect to provide better sealing performance;

    性质活性生活视频The top falling curtain has an elastic wind belt button to fix its position; the vertical (both sides) and the main edges of the top curtain are all filled with composite material to seal tightly;

    The surface material is flame retardant and fire proof;

    性质活性生活视频The steel protection device is installed to prevent loading and unloading cargo and the dock shelter from crashing during loading and unloading and reduces repairs;

    性质活性生活视频The black bottom sealing is fitted to the door shelter and improves the sealing of the dock shelter;

    The load upon the top curtain plate is very high. Two sides of the top curtain plate can be cut per the requirements to perfectly overlap between the top curtain plate and the vehicle.

    Dock seal, dock shelter plays a best sealing effect for the space between the vehicle and the warehouse to avoid wind, rain, dust and block the air flow, also improves the working environment and helps to save energy and operations in the warehouse;

    性质活性生活视频Appropriate dock seal, dock shelter can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading as well as save on a large amount of expense.

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