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Hydraulic Dock Leveler H-1000
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    The dock leveler is a fundamental equipment in the logistics. It effectively improves the efficiency of the loading / unloading process. 

    性质活性生活视频It can build a bridge between the platform and the lorry and their changing altitude distance makes them suitable for various lorries. 

    性质活性生活视频It's convenient to realize high-efficiency handling as the fork lift can enter the lorry through simple operations.

    FastLink provides rich optional configurations and a full series of sizes in the metric and British systems as well as various painting colors and surface treatment methods such as electroplating;

    FastLink produces the safest hydraulic dock levelers with all-round security configurations including the UMBRELLA support for servicing, safe hydraulic lock-up valve and interlock control;

    The leveler is designed with user-friendly smooth transitions on many positions to greatly reduce the incidence of occupational diseases of fork drivers and damages during loading and unloading cargo;

    Standard configuration is 380VAC 3-phase AC power. A single key can operate the dock leveler, can link with the sectional door and control the locking products;

    Dynamic load is 6~25 Tons;

    性质活性生活视频Made of weather-proof steel and durable. The platform uses an anti-slip tear-plate;

    性质活性生活视频The Hydraulic unit uses products imported from Europe to ensure reliable products with a low maintenance rate;

    The other optional accessories are as follows:

    性质活性生活视频Bumper, Single light, Platform Bumper, LED light, Wheel Support, Guide rail.

    性质活性生活视频Essential for loading and unloading, widely applied in various warehouses, plant platforms, fitting sectional doors and locking vehicles.

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