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《Planning The Loading / Unloading Area》

The modern logistics loading / unloading system is applicable in the environments of production, storage and logistics with heavy vehicle traffic and cargo loading / unloading. The design of the loading / unloading system is an important part, constituting the overall warehouse process design. It mainly includes the dock leveler, industrial sectional door, door seal / shelter and related auxiliary equipment and control system. Proper selection and usage in coordination with this equipment determine the efficiency of the whole course of the loading / unloading process. Simultaneously, it ensures maximum safety during operations and reduces the incidence of accidents during loading or unloading.

The proper planning and system configuration on loading / unloading system will surely:

1) Reduce the necessary number of operators and forklifts and hence operating costs;

2) Shorten greatly the time for loading / unloading vehicles and waiting, improving the work efficiency by as high as 50%;

3) Improve greatly the safety of workers and cargo;

4) Promote the whole company image.

In order to plan your logistics loading /unloading areas and deploy the system more reasonably, you need to consider the following factors when planning:

1) Selection of platform loading / unloading areas, design of factory traffic direction and platform surrounding area;

2) How to arrange the layout of your loading / unloading area;

3) How to determine the quantity of dock levelers against the space efficiency of your loading / unloading area and the safety of vehicle in-out;

4) How to determine the height, width and length of the platform;

5) How to determine the length, width of dock leveler, load capacity, power system and environmental adaptability;

6) Select door shelter or door seal as well as its format and specific specifications in order to realize a better sealing effect;

7) How to design the opening sizes in the loading / unloading area as well as the selection and configuration of the position of the unloading door;

8) How to deploy the auxiliary accessories such as vehicle restraints, location lamp, back guide, bumper, red / green warning lights to keep the loading / unloading area safer;

9) How to calculate ROI of your logistics loading / unloading areas and make your investment a profit source.