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Full Transparency Sectional door FLF500
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    The full transparency sectional door with its high-strength aluminum-alloy door panels has excellent lighting effect and the natural light can freely enter the buildings and is greener.

    Bright and pleasing condition. Maximum viewing area. Modern appearance;


    性质活性生活视频The full transparency sectional door is made by joining the high-strength aluminum-alloy sheets and the high-quality acrylic sheets. It allows natural light to freely enter inside the building. It is energy-saving and environment-protecting. It creates a more comfortable and brighter environment;


    The sealing strips around the door panel can seal the gap between the opening and the panel completely when the door glazing drops down;


    性质活性生活视频The door track is formed by a galvanized steel coil provided by Baosteel in a one-time process without welding. It's durable and reliable;


    A variety of track-lifting methods could match the interior structure of your production hall or warehouse. Avoid interference with the pipings and tracks above the openings.


    性质活性生活视频Anti-wind pressure meets GB/T 7106-2008, up to 700N/㎡;


    Water sealing meets GB/T 7106-2008, Grade 1;


    Air sealing meets GB/T 7106-2008, Grade 7;

    The industrial sectional door is excellent in the aspects of lightness, tightness, anti-wind, anti-theft, long service life, realistic as the external doors in factories and logistics.


    Widely applied in various industries such as automobiles, electronics, food, medicines, logistics, tobacco.

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