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Promising prospect of PU composite sheet

China vigorously advocates the building energy efficiency. The energy-saving materials will create a new world in the building industry in 2016. Moreover, PU materials are the most promising for the future, for example, PU composite sheet.

The composite PU sheet is a color-steel sandwiched composite sheet. It consists of the colors-steel pressure plates on both sides and the self-foaming rigid PU in the middle. It can be widely used in the external walls and roofing of various buildings and is publicly regarded as the best heat-insulating material in the world. It can be used in the roofing and walls of various buildings such as large-scale industrial plants, warehouses, exhibition buildings, gymnasiums, refrigerators, cleaning workshops. It integrates the functions of heat preservation and insulation, load-bearing, water-proofing. It is rich in color with attractive appearance and already used widely in the buildings of industrial plants, warehouses in the industrialized countries of Europe, USA, and Japan. China has also started to use it in recent years. 

Shanghai XinXin Panel Co., Ltd is one of the first companies that specialized in developing and manufacturing the sandwiched sheets for buildings in China. The company invests 50 million Yuan and introduces a full set of continuous High Pressure PU Foaming and rock wool sandwich panel production lines from famous German company BAYER-HENNECKE. The set of equipment has now reached the international advanced level, can yearly produce 800,000 square meters of the high quality PU sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel 400,000 square meters. This is of importance in the development of the steel-structured construction industry and novel wall materials industry in China.

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